Boston’s Traditional Baked Beans: Durgin-Park Restaurant puts the Bean in BEANTOWN

Boston Baked Beans - Boston, MA - Durgin ParkNo dish is so authentically Bostonian and inexplicably enticing as Boston baked beans. It’s hard to imagine any New England adventure being complete without a savory bowlful of baked beans that fueled the patriots during the American Revolution. But the dish is only part of the historic cultivation; the real experience comes from enjoying this hearty dish in the unique atmosphere of Durgin-Park Restaurant. Built in the 1740’s, Durgin-Park was where merchants, fishermen, meat and produces sellers ate their breakfast and climbed the stairs for a hot plate at lunch. This was back in the days when Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty roamed Faneuil Hall to rally colonists and protest taxation without representation.

Beans in a bowl!

A Hearty Helping of History

Founded in 1630, Boston played a central role in the American Revolution. The city also boasts a number of firsts, including America’s first college, first public school, first public park, and many more. Boston is also home to the largest airport in New England, with direct flights to China and to most major American cities.
A Boston tradition, baked beans were one of the original foods eaten by the early Pilgrims and Puritans. Because their religion forbade them from cooking meals on Sundays, they would bake beans in a bean pot on Saturdays, and leave the beans in a hot brick oven overnight. For this reason, baked beans and brown bread became a traditional Sunday meal – a practice that lasted well into the 20th century. Today, Durgin-Park serves up hearty Boston baked beans every day of the week!

A Boston Staple

Durgin-Park’s recipe for baked beans has been a Boston favorite since the mid-1800s. Cooked with salt pork and onions, the preparation begins the night before, to keep the beans moist. The baked beans are cooked in an authentic Durgin-Park bean pot, for that uniquely old-fashioned feel. Tourist from all over the world stop by Durgin-Park, not just to enjoy the dry-aged prime rib or fresh seafood, but to also take in one of Boston’s favorite pastimes, Boston Baked Beans made the old fashion way.  Truly an authentic colonial experience.

Get Your Traditional Boston Baked Beans at Durgin-Park

In addition to Boston’s famous baked beans, Durgin-Park has been serving up a full menu of New England Classics since 1827. Their hearty fare includes everything from classic chowders to Indian pudding. For over a hundred years, Durgin-Park has set the standard for Yankee-style cuisine, cantankerous wait staff and family-style dining. Next time you visit Boston, stop by Faneuil Hall’s oldest restaurant and savor a bowl of Boston beans and other favorites including lobster rolls, lobster macaroni and cheese, corned beef and cabbage plus a wide selections of seafood specialties.