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Private Party - Boston, MA - Durgin Park Restaurant

Hold Your Private Party at Durgin-Park

Looking for a private party venue to host your upcoming event in Boston? Choose Durgin-Park. Located in downtown Boston, Durgin-Park lets you treat your guests to delicious food and historic splendor all at once. We feature flexible accommodations and a menu that features both comfort foods and classic New England fare to satisfy all of your guests’ cravings.

For more information, give us a call at 617-227-2038. 

Private Dining - Boston, MA - Durgin Park Restaurant

Tailored Accommodations

Whether you only have a few guests or 100+, our numerous room configurations can accommodate parties of all sizes. No matter what you’re planning, we’ll always do our best to meet your specific needs and ensure your private event functions as smoothly as possible. Common events at Durgin-Park include, but are not limited to:

  • Corporate events and meetings
  • Holiday gatherings
  • Wedding receptions
  • Birthdays, retirements and other celebrations
  • Family reunions

A Menu to Please Everyone on the Guest List

The Durgin-Park menu offers a wide selection of comfort food as well as vegetarian options, classic pastas entrees, sandwiches, and more. While Prime Rib is the cut of the house, our fresh seafood entrees such as Baked Schrod, Broiled Seafood Platter, and Beer Battered Fish and Chips are a staple on our menu. Our culinary team can accommodate any palate and dietary preferences for our guests to indulge in the best Yankee cuisine Boston has to offer. New England Clam Chowder, Fishcakes, Lobster Rolls, raw seafood and classic chops, steaks and pastas complete our menu and highlight the best Yankee cuisine and traditional Boston favorites.

Private Table - Boston, MA - Durgin Park Restaurant
Private Dining Room at Faneuil - Boston, MA - Durgin Park Restaurant

Peter Faneuil Room

Located on the third floor of historic Durgin-Park Restaurant, this private dining room is aptly named the Peter Faneuil Room. This classic styled private room overlooks Faneuil Hall Marketplace, making it the perfect combination of old and new. Featuring a kitchen, a portable bar and multiple configurations, the PRF is a memorable way for guests to experience Boston and feel a part of history.

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When deciding on the perfect venue for your private event, the food, ambiance and entertainment are always important factors. As your guests mingle and dine, what’s a better backdrop than Boston’s famous historic district? Located at 340 N Market St, we’re right next to Quincy Market, Boston City Hall and several major tourist attractions. In fact, Durgin-Park itself is part of that history, being one of the country’s oldest, continuously running restaurants in America. 

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