Yankee Cooking

A New England institution, Durgin-Park Restaurant sets the standard

In a high-energy atmosphere, Durgin-Park manages to hold on to its culinary traditions that are old enough to be fixtures.  From long communal tables that are crisply checkered, breads, soups, and sauces complement mighty cuts of meat, freshly caught seafood, and aromatic side-dishes.  No recipe is warmed-over, but made from scratch.  Boiled dinners are rich in flavor.  And every staple that is served re-asserts Durgin-Park's legacy, which revolves around a simplicity and century-old feeling for quality and value.  Fly-by-night "food adventures" come and go. In Durgin-Park,  you will find that not only is history served, it served overlooking the Cradle of Liberty.

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